Frequently Asked Questions

Don't hesitate to contact me directly if you can't find the answer to your enquiry below.

How are the nudes made?

All NUDEs are made from reuse, with a ceramic or glass core of pre-loved things from local charity shops which are then sculpted with air drying clay, painted and varnished with acrylics. All NUDEs are stamped with the RE.NUDEs logo.

How much do the Nudes cost?

Pricing of pre-made NUDEs depends on size, collection and design. Prices start at 300 SEK and include 25% VAT.

What are the measurements of the Nudes?

As all NUDEs are recycled pre-love things, the sizes for each copy vary. A general size table based on height (h) applies according to:

XS: less than 5 cm high
S: 5-8 cm high
M: 8-10 cm high
L: 10-12 cm high
XL: higher than 12 cm

Note that deviations from the size chart can occur as the circumference, diameter and shape affect pricing.

What does pre-made mean?

Pre-made means that the piece has already been created, what you see is what you get and is not customizable.

How do I take care of my Nude?

Since all NUDEs are made from reuse, using pre-loved things like vases and pots from local charity shops, they are waterproof on the inside and can therefore be used as vases,pots or candelholders. When using a NUDE as a pot for planting, use a plastic pot or container to protect your NUDE. The NUDEs can be dried off with a damp cloth to remove dirt or dust, but should not be hand or machine washed. Make sure to place your NUDE on a dry surface, in a dry enviroment. More info at Care & Use.

Do you take wholesale orders?

Ocasionally, I do take wholesale orders. If you're a shop owner and want to be a reseller contact us at for more info!