Care & Use

As all NUDEs are pieces of art, they should be treated with love accordingly:


Since all NUDEs are made from reuse, using pre-loved things like vases and pots from local charity shops, they are waterproof on the inside and can therefore be used as vases,pots or candelholders. When using a NUDE as a pot for planting, use a plastic pot or container to protect your NUDE.

Some NUDEs, like eggcups or bowls, can be used as utility goods. However, NUDEs should not be used for serving food or liquids as the acrylics aren't foodsafe.


To ensure your NUDE's longevity it should be cared for properly. The NUDEs can be dried off with a damp cloth to remove dirt or dust, but should not be hand or machine washed. Make sure to place your NUDE on a dry surface, in a dry enviroment.

As the surface of the NUDEs is painted with acrylics, even though it's varnished, it's easily scratched by sharp objects - so don't forget to wrap your NUDE carefully when moving or storing.